Yakuza Weapon (2012)


The team who brought you VERSUS have returned with another hard-edged battle royale featuring tough gangsters, deadly women and cybernetic penis implants! Ex-yakuza Shozo Iwaki (Tak Sakaguchi) engages in a titanic battle of revenge against double-crossing Kurawaki, the man who killed his father. After a building-leveling skirmish, Shozo wakes up with an M61 Vulcan cannon in place of his right arm, and a rocket launcher where his left leg used to be. Shozo quickly learns to love his weaponized frame, and prepares for a bloody rematch with Kurawaki, who has some mechanical improvements of his own. Co-directed by Yudai Yamaguchi and Tak Sakaguchi, creators of action-filled comedies like BATTLEFIELD BASEBALL, CROMARTIE HIGH SCHOOL and BE A MAN! SAMURAI SCHOOL, and based on an adult comic by Ken Ishikawa, (CUTIE HONEY, GETTERROBOT and more), YAKUZA WEAPON combines hard-boiled gangster action, manga-style comedy and splatterific special effects. Tough as nails, armed to the teeth, pissed-off and looking for a fight, YAKUZA WEAPON is coming to kick your ass!
No Rating 106 mins.
Director: Tak Sakaguchi, Yudi Yamaguchi
Producer: Yoshinori Chiba, Syuichi Takashino, Toshiki Kumra
Cast: Shingo Tsurumi, Mei Kurokawa, Takashi Nishina, Akihiko Sai, Arata Yamanaka, Ayano Washizu, Hyonmyon Pe, Cay Izumi, Akaji Maro, Jun Murakami
Original Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English