The Courier (2012)


In a business that asks no questions, THE COURIER (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), is the best out there, but he wasn’t expecting a deal like this. Deliver a briefcase, get a million dollars. Fail, and his family gets killed. What’s the catch?  The briefcase belongs to a killer as elusive as a nightmare, and so feared that the entire Underworld trembles at the mention of his name. And with a new partner (Josie Ho), it’s hard to know who to trust. Hounded by hit men and hustlers, double-dealing feds and double-crossing accomplices, the Courier embarks on an impossible journey that ultimately unravels his own murky past.
No Rating 97 mins.
Director: Hany Abu-Assad
Producer: Conroy Chan Chi-Chung, Mike Gabrawy
Cast: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mickey Rourke, Lili Taylor
Original Language: Cantonese