Nightfall (2013)


He is a Hong Kong celebrity - a master pianist, adored, sought after by many. He is dead. Detective Lam (Simon Yam) is called in to find the murderer, and quickly identifies a killer from the past - a brutal man, just released from prison (Nick Cheung) with ties to the family.  But the more Lam investigates, the truth becomes harder to find.   What unfolds is a crime from the past. 20 years of lies, and a secret so shocking it threatens to pull the entire case down.  Who is the victim and who is the killer?  From the director of MURDERER and starring two of Hong Kong's most exciting action stars comes a gritty, brutal story of love, hate and vengeance.
No Rating 108 mins.
Director: Chow Hin Yeung
Producer: Bill Kong, Ivy Ho
Cast: Nick Cheung, Simon Yam, Kay Tse, Janice Man
Original Language: Cantonese
Subtitle: English