Little Big Soldier (2011)


Set during China's war period, Little Big Soldier is the story of a soldier (Jackie Chan) and a general (Wang Leehom) who come from opposing states and also have very much opposing views on the war and the world. Jackie Chan in one of his finest performances plays a soldier from Liang, who ultimately survives the war by playing dead. Lee Hom Wang plays a general from Wei, who is wounded fighting for his country. A painful yet comical journey commences when the soldier decides to kidnap the general and bring him back to his state in the high hopes of collecting a reward. When the unlikely duo is confronted by danger, they quickly learn that they must join forces in order to survive!
PG-13 92 mins.
Director: Ding Sheng
Producer: Tim Kwok
Cast: Jackie Chen, Wang Leehom, Steve Yoo, Lin Peng
Original Language: Mandarin
Dubbed Language: English
Subtitle: English