Battleground (2012)


After a violent bank robbery goes wrong, six criminals barely escape with their lives and $3.2 million in cash. Their hideout:  a remote hunting cabin, and secret underground tunnels in the woods.  It’s not the law they have to worry about.  Or even, as tensions boil, them turning on each other as they wait until daybreak to cross the border.  They should be worried about The Hunter.    The Hunter is a Vietnam vet who was never able to let go of the war.  He’s been looking for a new guerilla war to fight, and he’s just found it.  Skilled with arrows, firearms, explosives, and grisly booby traps, the chances of these robbers making it out of the woods alive – not so good.  
No Rating 89 mins.
Director: Neil Mackay
Cast: Bryan Larkin, Hugh Lambe, Bob Cymbalski
Original Language: English